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With this workshop I will take you through how I shoot, how I edit, and get you familiar with what it looks like for me behind the camera. If you've ever wondered what other photographers think while they're on location and what you're supposed to say to your clients/models to get them comfortable then check out this workshop!!

Topics Covered

What to study

What to bring with you

What do you wear?!

People to talk to before you shoot

How to hold the camera

How to set up your camera

What lens to use

Shoot with the end in mind

Create photos that don't look uncomfortable

Natural looking positions

What to say

How to direct

File transfer

File backup

Importing to Lightroom the easy way

Find your style

Study similar styles

Don't be afraid of the "advanced" sliders

How to export and save room on your computer

Best time to post

Hashtags to use

Know your audience

This is my first workshop that I've ever done and I am so stoked that you're interested in learning what I have to offer. This workshop will take you through everything from how to prepare for your shoot, to how to facilitate a successful shoot. There are many tips and shortcuts that I have picked up along the years and now I get to share them with you! I have provided many photo and video examples of each topic. My goal in this is to visually teach you all of my tricks and things that I've learned.

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